Pop Up Lab- First Components Batch

In order to be comfortable in having all the kit in time for the hack, we’re getting the first order in for some hackery gear today.  The majority of the sensors are coming from Cool Components at the advice of the Bristol Hackspace guys, but we’re also getting some of the excellent Arduino kits from the very lovely Oomlout.

The Oomlout Arduino kit

The Oomlout Arduino kit

There are a good many kits available on the market today, but we’ve personal experience of using the oomlout ones- they really very complete and offer great value and a lot of flexibility (plus the wiring guides are genius!).

If anyone has any other suggestions for kit the comments, as ever are open.


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Commercial Director for Human Made, Freelance Innovation Consultant - Broadcast R&D, Drones, Training, Hackdays. Dad, hubby, gamer, lapsed sailor.
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4 Responses to Pop Up Lab- First Components Batch

  1. tinkernick says:

    Jeenode stuff is good for cheap low power radio devices – arduino compatible and does a bunch sensor nodes as well

    • meeware says:

      Looks interesting. How ‘accessible’ would you say their stuff is? I ask as we’re really keen to get kit that is either really easy to plug and play, or which quite a few people are familiar with (or is like stuff that’s well known) so we can get kit bolted into Field Studies focused hacks quickly. Could you recommend these? Or perhaps point us at someone who might like to pop down to Devon in 10 days and show us how these work?

  2. tinkernick says:

    Jeenode do some nice small low power radio options that are arduino based, and an note resting approach to sensor modules as well

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