FSC Hackday Results Showcase: Mozspace London 30th May

We knew that a lot of our friends and colleagues wouldn’t be able to join us all the way out in Devon, but we also know that we need to show you our amazing results in order to make the difference in teaching and development that we feel is needed, and which inspired this whole event. So, next Wednesday, the 30th of May, we’ll be back at the Mozilla Foundation offices in St. Martin’s Lane in London to report back on the efforts of last weekend.

We’ll be able to show the premier of our short film shot at the event, demonstrate a few of the hacks, and you’ll be able to meet a few of the educators and developers who came together in Slapton. If you’re interested in fieldwork, outdoors education, hackdays, software for learning or any and all of these, do come along. We didn’t just hack, we also learned a huge amount about the challenges in these fields and their overlap, and we really want to share our experience.

Doors are from five pm, film at six. We’re planning on being around until eightish, so we hope quite a few of you will be able to fit this in after work. And if it’s still tricky to catch up, don’t worry- we might even manage to web stream the main presentations.

As if all that isn’t enough to entice you along, this will be the first presentation of the #altfschackday team’s Quadrapp hack. With a few more days to polish compared to other hacks, we’ve high expectations for the Kent hackers results!

To book a place at the review day go to the event lanyrd page, and we’ll see you next week.


About meeware

Commercial Director for Human Made, Freelance Innovation Consultant - Broadcast R&D, Drones, Training, Hackdays. Dad, hubby, gamer, lapsed sailor.
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3 Responses to FSC Hackday Results Showcase: Mozspace London 30th May

  1. hanry_m says:

    If you want to come to London and need a place to sleep, get in touch, we can put up a few people for the night! Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

  2. Gemma Nash says:

    Can I have the details of how to Skype in tonight? Please and thank you!

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