The FSC Hackday is an event being hosted by the Field Studies Council at our centre in Slapton Devon, from the 18th to the 20th of May.  We’re going to spend the weekend trying to build new tools for outdoors based education, and sharing knowledge between educators, scientists, developers and designers to open a new field of software.

If you’d like to join us for an intense weekend of prototyping and developing a new generation of educational tools for taking the classroom into the field and the field into the classroom, then take a look at the Lanyrd guide to the day, register your interest, and then look at the FSC website page on it and sign up with Eventbrite.

The organising core group is

  • Harriet White of the FSC: zoologist, climber, educator  AKA @FolkPrincess
  • John Bevan of Mozilla and BBC: professional digital event producer, motorcyclist, shovel enthusiast  AKA @bevangelist
  • Ant Miller of BBC R&D: guerilla innovator, dilettante geek, has shed AKA @meeware

In addition to the host and core sponsor of the event, the Field Studies Council, we are receiving generous help from our friends at Mozilla, and they are hosting our review session on the 30th of May at the London Mozspace.


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