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FSC Hackday Results Showcase: Mozspace London 30th May

We knew that a lot of our friends and colleagues wouldn’t be able to join us all the way out in Devon, but we also know that we need to show you our amazing results in order to make the … Continue reading

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#FSC Hack Winners

The very last thing we did on Sunday was to review all the hacks and present the prizes for best hacks, immediately after which began the task of clearing up and driving home, hence the delay in reporting back to … Continue reading

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Guest Post from the FSC Hack Day Kent Outpost Team

Following a car explosion (not as dramatic as it sounds), our little team decided to hack on in Kent. For the blow-by-blow account, have a look at our Storify We chose to focus on a common field task – … Continue reading

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Hacks up!

Right, I’ve finally got round to putting live the listing of hacks – we had the list finalised, more or less, when we had our 3pm Lab Open  Houses.  Since that great session, when everyone wandered around and saw everybody … Continue reading

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