As of 9.45pm on Saturday 19th May, here are all the Hacks currently in progress at FSC Hack Day. This page will be updated as we progress. Repositories, where published, will be linked:

Lab 1

Project Name: The Batmen

Team: Mike Saunby and Nick Charlton
Details: Mike has been working on bat call simulators against which to test his bat detector, using GNU Radio running on cheap-as-chips netbooks from Aldi.  Building on this idea, he and Nick are going to look into creating an app for smart phones that can identify bats by their chirps.

Project Name: RepRap Beach Print

Team: Gemma Peter, David Rogers, and Jo Debens
Details: Quite a few hacks are looking at collecting new data on river and beach profiles, or looking at historical data, and this hack is looking at a 3D physical print out of the data as an educational tool. Historical comparison and accessibility are some of the key advantages we’re going to try and explore.

Lab 2

Project Name: FLAIR (Field Log Analysis Instant Resource)

Team: Sym, Helen, Norm, Hanry, Steve, Chris
Details: Building a tool to allow the instant collation of student data on site to improve feedback for students. Aim is to provide better learning environment, with long term data collection too.

Project Name: Hat Trick Haptics

Team: Brendan, John B
Details: Screaming down the sleepy bridalways of Devon on mountain bikes with cameras strapped to heads and phone based data logging to create terrifying AV experiences back in the BBC R&D lab.

Lab 3

Project Name: Floggr (Field Logger)

Team: Andy Piper & Neil Ford (coordinating with the Bristol Hackspace Group)
Details: Developing a low power, low cost, persistent data logging tool for multiple environmental readings based on micro-controller hardware. Autonomous or triggered.

Project Name: Educational GeoCaching

Team: Heidi
Details: Developing educational journeys based on ludic geocaching models. Possibly having a Slapton Ley reserve based geo cache challenge build around educational elements.

Project Name: Historical Data Driven Educational Journeys (Name made up by Ant, subject to revision)

Team: Outlandish Ideas & friends
Details: Related to Flair, this project is working out a front end to massive historical data sets of field work data to allow educational exploration, trend identification and visualistion in the classroom.

Pop-up Lab

Project Name: AWS (Automated Weather Station)

Team: Steve C-W and Gordon
Details: Taking the feeds from FSCs current manually managed met station and turning it into IP delivered data to populate web interfaces updated in real time.

Project Name: Flash Trigger Metadata Bundler

Team: Bristol Hackspace
Details: Related to Floggr, and using a common core micro controller architecture, this hack is looking at automatically aggregating of mixed environmental factors and bundling it around photos, with the gathering of data triggered by events such as a camera flash light, or the electronic signal generated.


2 Responses to Hacks

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  2. lexijax says:

    Over in sunny Kent, a blown gasket has spawned altfschackkent. We’re working on Quadrapp – capturing quadrat data in the field from multiple devices with a bit of instant analysis and visualisation. We hope.

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