Info for Attendees

So you’re coming to FSC Hackday!  Brilliant.  Just a quick check- have you applied via Eventbrite and got the pack about the centre through from Slapton Lee?  If not the former- do it now!  And if not the latter, drop us an email to and we’ll chase it up. will hit Ant.

Where are we?

the village of Slapton in Devon- post code for sat navvers is TQ7 2QP

Best route is down to (A38 then A385) Totnes and then signs to Kingsbridge (A381), and turn left for Slapton about 4 miles out of Totnes.  You can come along the coast if you like, but there is a ferry to cross at Dartmouth that will slow things down a fair bit.


Trains run from Paddington to Totnes every hour or so and take between 2 3/4 hrs and 3hrs.  If you’re coming by train let us know what time you are arriving and we will try and hook you up with one of the mini bus shuttles from Totnes to the centre- we’ll definitely have one to meet the 10pm arrival, more will be arranged as required.

What to wear?

Um, no dress code per se.  Kudos is awarded to good geeky t-shirts, and stuff you’re going to be comfortable in for a long weekend of coding makes sense.  If you want to go out and about feel free to bring your outdoory gear, but the centre can loan you waterproofs and wellies if needed.  If tweed is your thing don’t let us stop you.

Sleeping Arrangments

Everyone will get a room with en suite bathroom, though most rooms are twins, so you’ll be sharing that room.  Bed linen is provided, no need to bring a sleeping bag.  The rooms are directly above the labs we are hacking in, so no need to go outside the space to crash out (or to wake up in a panic to fix that variable call you think you may have forgotten to declare)- you’re welcome to mooch around at night in your comfy togs, but try and remain respectable.


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