Pop Up Lab

In order to facilitate the building of sensors, tweetbots and other electronic devices as part of hacks, we are setting up a pop up electronics lab in the soil analysis lab at the centre.  The lab will be curated by the lovely people at Bristol Hackspace

UPDATE:  So we now have the early long lead items ordered and delivered and are about to put in the orders for the last batches of consumables and other parts.  So, for those of you wondering what gubbins there will be to incorporate into your hacks, take a gander at the following:


2 x Humidity and Temperature Sensor – SHT15 Breakout
4 x One Wire Digital Temperature Sensor – DS18B20
3 x Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout – MAG3110
3 x Infra Red PIR Motion Sensor
2 x EM406a GPS Unit
2 x Barometric Pressure Sensor – BMP085 Breakout
3 x Breakout Board for SD-MMC Cards
2 x Starter Kit for Arduino (ARDX-01)
3 x Budget Pack for Arduino (ARDB-01)
1 x Accelerometer (3-Axis) (ADXL335) (ADAF-08-AC)
1 x LED Multipack


2 x Bench power supplies
1 x Hot Glue Gun
1x Hot Air gun

Please let us know what else you really need us to get- we’ll be ordering the smaller consumables imminently


One Response to Pop Up Lab

  1. drogonevets says:

    is it possible for someone tor bring down a 4 pin RJ-11 socket/breakout? finding it VERY hard to find one online (6 pins are easy, i need a 4 pin)

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